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Outside shower hookup

Your name or email address: This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook shows how to work with this durable material.

Thinking About… an Outdoor Shower

We use it three seasons. Each time we do yard work and we are sweaty and dirty, I think that an outdoor shower would be a perfect stop outside shower hookup coming inside. We had an outdoor at our accommodation when we holidayed in Fiji and it was magical. The most common problems for an improperly installed outdoor shower are cracked or buckled tiles and poor drainage.

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Single-hose showers are for the bravest outdoor types, as they typically only use cold water. For the life of me I can't figure out how to attach the outside shower hookup disconnect end to the outside shower. Here's how to hook up one of your own.

Before you install an outdoor shower, check with local building officials to ensure your shower meets the regulations for your town or city. In the winter, this would allow me to shut off the water supply to the shower, unscrew the stainless supply lines under the houseand pull off the shower head to store for the winter.


This is less taxing on a septic system than an indoor shower, but may be in violation of local codes. I love that Kerry, thanks for sharing about the solar heated tank!

A slatted teak mat will feel better on your feet than standing directly on a drain. The other common way to do this is via a thermostatically controlled valve.

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An exposed riser and a showerhead that both unscrew, like the gooseneck model Steve Crandall used in a shower he built in Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains region, ensure that every drop is eliminated. A pressure balanced valve is one way that you can achieve that.

Beau Clowney recommends bronze or copper fixtures because they develop a natural patina as they age. Airlift bags, Prodigy brake control, 5 gauges on the pillar.

Camp shower

The topic turned to outdoor showers — they have a way of leaving an impression, especially the ones from favorite vacations. It is truly wonderful and I wish we had one at home.

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I have no idea! Sep 2, Occupation: She has french doors that open to the outside garden from her large master bath shower. To prevent mold and mildew, be sure the space is well ventilated so it completely dries out after every use. I found a curly blue hose that has a fitting on one end and a threaded fitting on the other end.

Jun 2, Location: Sun Fueled The lacquered steel Solar Shower tower relies on the sun to warm cold water from your garden hose. Thanks for the reply.

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Unobstructed Views Stripped of their bark, eastern red cedar trunks are used as the posts for the enclosure of this shower in central Virginia. These are so cute! I love an outdoor shower. Her property does have lots of natural privacy, but the window panes on the doors are frosted if extra privacy is needed.