Pink wink dating site reviews

Pink wink dating site reviews Review

I live in los angeles and there are a lot of these women living near me. From her experiences, she learned that: Anyone else getting an error when trying to log into pinkwink? The site boasts more than 1 million users and has got quite a reputation to protect. Last updated December 25, The only reason i paid the fee was because i thought people were contacting me.

Don't waste your time and money. I tried 3 other places and had no success at all. Robots answer your messages.

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I responded to one email and I never heard from her. Pink wink is an online dating site which would make you happy to follow someonelooking at her, and smiling brightly to her eyes. Brandee female, 271 Stars.

After a couple months of emails and long phone chats, we started to fall in love.

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Don't waste your time or money. People are who the truly say. Wrote her afew paragraghs,wanted to just give her a shout out.

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I was matched with people miles away even though I set my radius as miles. Not a lot out there. Lots of scammers on this site too. Thank you Pink Wink for introducing us!

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If they improve the profile info then this would be the perfect place to go to. Made the mistake of paying for membership.

Pink Wink Lesbian Dating. They need to be shut down.

Amy female, 37 Cookie cutter responses. I was receiving responses from messages that other women sent to me over a year ago also. In order to read a message you have to pay for it, WTF is that all pink wink dating site reviews You can also receive their newsletter that is filled with great advice on when to date and where to date; there are also other relationship advices for members.

Someone you can turn to as friend, a lover and a lifetime partner.

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Furthermore, the site also allows free members to send emails which is a major difference as compared to most online dating sites. How long does shipping take? It's ridiculous that this type of dishonesty is allowed or maybe it isn't All in all a reasonably popular lesbian dating site that we cannot find too much to knock them over. Utterly ridiculous, and a huge scam. I cant image ,at this point, what my life would be like without her.

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You may find the perfect woman for you. Well,its been 9 months,we are still together. It is an online dating website, amusing millions of lesbian women, the fun of the chase, and a very safe environment for lesbians to experience the brilliant personal love relationship with each other to the best of your madness to fall in love.

That is probably the best part about it.