Resistor hookup Force Sensitive Resistor Hookup Guide - MAE540-2017 Team 8

Resistor hookup

It is a simple device that has the characteristic of changing its resistance based on the amount of light that hits it. When the value of the force applied is above a given value, it would prompt the chip to send an email via blynk to alert the owners.

Parts List

After setting up all the electronics and the Blynk widgets, we tested the force sensor. The easiest way to use the LDR is in voltage divider configuration. We also use a 10K pull down resistor R1. We have ideated an application for the FSR sensor, using it as part of a security system for safeguarding valuable items inside a safe locker.

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See below for more details. You can download the sketch file.

Arduino Weather Station Project. The LDR can be connected to either 5V or 3. The LDR will not give internet dating yahoo answers an accurate reading to the amount of light but it will enable you to detect a transition between the amount of light that is available.

The lower the value displayed the lower the light hitting the sensor. The sensitivity of this sensor circuit would be set very high, so that even a slight touch on the handle would activate the circuit to inform the owner that the handle has been touched.

The voltage that appears at the analog input will vary depending on the amount of light hitting the LDR. The LDR could be used to detect day or resistor hookup to control some device.

Its resistance will be lower when a light is shone on it. Blynk needs to have widgets added for resistor hookup FSR data, plotting amplitude of force vs. When the resistor hookup is removed the resistance will be at it's highest. For more details and how to hookup the LDR to the Arduino.

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We can wire up to the 5V or 3. This security system application can be used by banks, home safe lockers and office lockers.

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A force was applied simulating a thief touching the locker, as soon as the force exceeded the threshold limit and an email was sent to the user alerting the theft.

The LDR appears as a variable resistor in the circuit below.

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It just means the voltage output to analog input when using the 3. We are using analog pin A0 to connect to the sensor.

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These can be purchased with different resistance ranges. It reads the LDR every 0.

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We do not require any libraries for this sketch. We are using a 10K R1 pull down resistor.

If you are using a different analog pin then you will need to change the pin number defined on line 9 in the sketch code. The idea is to attach the FSR sensor on the handles of the safe locker. Wiring up the sensor requires only the ldr and a pull down resistor.

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If you wanted to know if the light goes out when the fridge door closes then the LDR with an Arduino could be used to answer that question. The applications of the Force Sensitive Resistor are varied and can be used for several other real-world problems. About Privacy Terms of Use Sitemap. To test this sensor we can use sample sketch shown below. As more light hits the sensor the higher the value will be.