Romantic dating places in karachi Best Places for a Date in Karachi

Romantic dating places in karachi

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Everything I have tried at Kolachi has made me bleed: Share On tumblr Share On tumblr. I love the lighting of the restaurant. Plus lighting and ambience added to it.

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Only it feels we are not in a commercial area, when seated outside there is a garden to look at which is missing at most of the places. In the evenings, the lights dim, classical Chinese music fills the air, and the restaurant is transformed into a romantic dining venue reminiscent of the great Chinese restaurants of Hong Kong Island, Shanghai and Beijing, with black lacquered round tables. Unless you particularly instruct them to make arrangements even then they needed specific instructions and at least one visit before the date to ensure everything is done properly.

Maybe a picnic underneath the stars or a stroll during sunset, the pavilions are empty to create the most elaborate ideas or shelter the simplest of moments.

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The food is romantic dating places in karachi. Unless other guests are very loud, there are less chances of being distracted by noise. I've always found dinners at Aylanto very relaxing.

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Because of its beautiful ambiance, dim lights and cozy environment Male, Single, I haven't found any restaurant to be romantic or maybe it's because I don't perceive them through that perspective. Its French white ambiance, relaxing-subtle lights-neat and clean-less clutter Male, Single, There are so many good articles on this site mainly focusing on how to promote our own culture and shun the media propagated ideas.

Because you get to eat under the moonlight, right next to the sea.

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Even your high end restaurants get too crowded and loud and you can actually hear what the people at the table next to you are talking about. The simpleyet elegant Mediterranean ambience blends in perfectly with what is served to you on the table. Reason being its picturesque beauty and overall ambiance.

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Serene and calm ambiance, food, decoration Male, Single, Most of the restaurants which are suitable for a romantic dinner are crowded on weekends so the options left are restaurants which are expensive or the ones which are not well known so Pompei is the best available choice. Water itself is something that enhances your mood.

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Customer service, quality of food etc etc Male, Married, Dinner in the open under full moon in subtle lighting although sometimes annoying to eat in that dark. Their menu is very elaborate and it has something for every type of customer. The service and the food both are impeccable. Just about everything is fabulous with that place