Santorin and kp dating Santorin is dating KayPea now, what a lad

Santorin and kp dating

I kinda stopped liking sivhd because he was seeming quite arrogant, but hey, thats just me, there were hundreds of people giving great feedback, loving his vids, so he shouldve kept on doing it, but then he kinda slowed down a lot.

But yeah, he's the only one who was actually good. Why are you talking to this guy as if he's Keyori? And that seems to be where this all failed. And if the case of it being easy editing, why don't you do more videos a week? You dont happen to know why?

Same with Mommie, he may be hilarious in real life, but he falls flat because he is putting himself out there as what appears to be a Siv clone. His fanbase is still there, it's still fairly large at least for mebut it's nothing compared to last year's.

They both are enjoyable to watch and each have their own style. And that name is just off putting. It's a shame you're being downvoted so much for incredibly reasonable and well thought out points, Keyori.

There is no way teams are in trouble with copyright because whatever company that would sue them, wouldn't be in the same market as a esports team. But Dunkey still works very hard on his videos, he makes little raps for the videos, or full raps like Final Boss.

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So maybe you should think 100 free 2014 dating sites little more about what you said, and also remove that 'dense motherfucker' part.

Foh sure he has advantages. His last "guide" videos were not that long ago June of this year with Ap J4 and ap Trist but the last traditional one that isn't jusr made up of stream highlights was the AP GP op video which was over a year ago April I'm not saying he is one. He can entertain and he's sort of like funny.

What should we call you? I and kp dating the biggest problem with his little streaming group is that siv was clearly the figurehead, and most of the fans weren't interested in watching the other streamers without siv being there. I get your point, but maybe articulating yourself in a nicer way would help not coming across as an asshole: C'mon don't be naive he's paying her for what?

They probably make a decent amount through youtube and streaming and so can afford it.

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I and kp dating videos that are similar to yours I really hope this is Keyori I'm talking to big fan btw and since I'm new to these type of videos I didn't know two hours was a short time. I've had it happen in a few games, though probably more thanks to UberDanger and Keyori's stack racing.

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SivHD has been popular for years maximum? It may seem like it, but yes.

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It was a really dumb idea in general. Also he is very creative and I don't think he just makes dubs on the fly.

And that isn't even to mention, like some others said, that Siv himself managed to get LESS productive despite starting a business and moving out to become more productive. I think Siv has pretty good game sense, in that he knew how to game his opponents. Editing this style is easy, managing terabytes of footage is not hard, clipping the funny moments is easy cos you mentally remember where they are, or, as some do, manually write them down. Holy shit, you dense motherfucker. OH son you are gonna get downvoted to oblivion for saying that. I would be interested in reading it.

I mean, I love Siv, but all we've seen is a couple of semi-funny videos and nothing really big came out of Siv Industries. Sp4zie master race though. When in reality there are companies that actually need to label their selves with things like inc. He didn't fly him over cause he'd been in a professional team.

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He's making money without bending his back, how can he be stupid?