Sirius hook up car How To: Install a Satellite Car Radio

Sirius hook up car

He didn't go the "simple, easy, straight forward" installation because, frankly, that way looks like crap.

Getting the Sound into Your Stereo Page 7: He works out of the suburban New York City area and has covered topics from nuclear power plants and Wi-Fi routers to cars and tablets. Latest in Car Tech. I think Brian did a great job of describing a nice, clean install that doesn't require fabrication and lots of cutting and permanent interior damage.

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Okay, so I've been doing car install professionally for about 7 years now, and that SureConnect is a pile of garbage. I recommend buying a splitter. Just set the station, set your radio to it, and voila.

They also get paid by your dollar, so they don't just play the crap that the MPAA wants radio stations to play, the DJs get to make choices play stuff a radio station wouldn't uncut music for one Power Mad Page 5: Or, for that matter, this sequence works for installing an MP3 player in your car. This article over complicates a rather simple easy and straight forward task. LONG songs for another. Simply put, Anyone in the market for a newer Sattelite radio will easily be able to purchase an "all in one" kit that will come with mounts and the wires necessary to do this, with easy instructions that all fit on one page!

Takes about 10 seconds to drop my radio into any of the vehicles and it's a sirius hook up car clean install.

Brian Nadel nadelbrian Brian Nadel is a freelance writer and editor who specializes in technology reporting and reviewing. Anybody who has stripped wires to repair a headphone cable or a lamp cord can do this, too.

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Getting Started Page ikea speed dating Also, it helps to install the system with all of the car's doors open for better lighting. I am a satellite radio junkie with a dilemma. The wires can all be easily routed within the cars pre exiting body panels. More importantly than that though, the music stays the same wherever you go. For me, if I go more than 30 miles, most of my stations are gone.

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I then have a "portable" antenna with FM transmitter for taking the radio in friends cars or running it off my battery powered inverters when camping. Despite merging into one company, Sirius and XM operate separate satellites that broadcast their respective shows to earth. Also, just to rant, having a radio in each vehicle is down right stupid, and a waste of money; likewise paying for integrated radio's.

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The vent clips work, I've used them, but they're not pretty and they're not that stable. I wish I had the option to just not have a radio in my car when I buy it. Gotta put in a plug for the Jason Ellis Show.

They are cheap and they do not modify your car electronics in any form and dating sites for late 20s won't possibly void warranties.

Subscribe to our newsletter. Usually the unit has quite a bit of play and bounces around while you drive. I have a confession to make: Hell, every new Hyundai comes standard with satellite radio.

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Then again, that looks like a pretty pricey German car. Naturally, the more thought out and intricate the installation, the more attractive the final product. I do not know about other people, but I always replace the factory radio and speakers for ones that are better anyway. Suction cup mounts and random cigarette lighter adapters clutter up an interior and generally look lame, nevermind the crap sound quality you get from an FM modulator.

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