Starcraft matchmaking not loading Starcraft 2 matchmaking not loading

Starcraft matchmaking not loading, starcraft matchmaking not loading

I agree completely, the pervasive presence of the AH is testament to that. I just don't understand.

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The one site all StarCraft needs -- other games too! SC2 doesn't have that open source feeling anymore As far as making the game fun, I think Vipers and Widow Mines help accomplish that, but HotS is lacking in useful and interesting units overall.

Starcraft Matchmaking Not Loading

That isn't even breaching the surface of the tools, the Graft tools, DatEdit, IceCC, and all the others that allowed us to create true mods as well. They haven't logged in in ages and they don't even care in the slightest about the pro scene now.

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I have no idea how a company that essentially built the biggest social game on the planet WoW turned into a company that didn't even include the basic social features at launch channel chat for instance. My biggest problem is the map popularity system. You must create an account or log in to vote on posts on Reddit.

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So I did the google dns matchmaking not loading, and that worked. The best solution I can think of consists of standalone mission DLCs. Blizzard is a completely different company since Brood War. I wanted to enjoy the custom games of the BW era and WC3 times, not just hammer out ladder games. Surely that would increase the player base, which will then increase the views for competitive pro tournaments? It's kind of amazing considering LoL used to be the butt of jokes as far as pro gaming and general gamer enthusiasm goes.

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Starcraft 2 has taken a relatively minor and extremely unpopular feature of Starcraft Brood War and made it the focal point of their game. But I find myself logging on less and less. Have something to say?

I'm sure most of you have read the Penny Arcade Report at this point regarding the singleplayer vs multiplayer audience.