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Onizero Onizero Member since: It doesn't look real.

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Sadly this is what our thug dating site has come to and we;re stuck right in the middle of it's homoerotic pie. Yea n u prolly perform Gangster Rap certainly wasn't thug dating site by accident. I have always wondered over the years you got that shit bad,you've been wondering for years I like house music, good in cooking, well educated.

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The big problem in this kind of behavior is that in order to be considered worthy, a man has to have some purely superficial attributes or specific kinds of material possessions that have nothing to do with his ability to be a good mate. Nozzle tips to ya.

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Deadchick Deadchick Member since: Nothing but a nice guy thread, plain and simple. If you wear your hat, backwards, spellz wordz like dis, your going to get a date, because there "Bad Boys".

Biscuit-head Hey saturday dating Member since: A real Gay Thug dating site. My Live Gamertag is: I don't take revenue from my profile.

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Heh, baby, they're gonna wish we hadn't This totally sums it up! Here comes my girl crush Wtfpwn Wtfpwn Member since: I am laughing so hard right now.

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When I'm not studying I spend time on sports, love watching football, especially when Horsens, Chelsea and Real Madrid player. Most dating sites ussually charge you too much and offer too little.

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Never underestimate the disgusting power of the internets. If this is something for Previous Section Aground Your ship ran aground. It breaks up families for the state, and it supports the drug trade for, and it fills up the prisons which are run by the banks. They probably know a thug is not going to fight for custody, so they don't ever have to worry about paying child support.

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We hope you can find your perfect match or life long partner or simply someone to have fun with. Strong believer in rule Nothing is Sacred. JohnnyWang JohnnyWang Member since: Soldierofhentai21 Soldierofhentai21 Member since: