Type a dating type b How to date a type B personality if you are a type A

Type a dating type b

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Like all the previous comments made, you very well described what is going on in our house. Laugh, cry, you know… ha! If this is something that you can adjust to, then go for your Type A sweetheart.

Comments Very type a dating type b and so true.

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Thanks, From one type-A gal to another! We Type A women see ourselves as capable and strong female leaders going from hill to hill caring for those in need. We will be strong in certain areas where our husbands are weak, and they will be strong in certain areas where we are weak.

I forced myself to zip it and enjoy the view with him.

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Liked what you just read? She is a strong type A and I am definitely type B with some type A characteristics. Who can rest when there is a problem?

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Last summer we had a tree fall on our house after a bad storm rolled through the neighborhood. Needed to read this today! It might not even come this way anyway.

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Hopefully, all the information above has given you some insight into the sometimes-confusing enigma that is the Type A person. How to make the right choice ] 2 They are highly organized. How to make the right choice ].

I have learned two things from dating someone Type-B:

A woman cannot help but feel that a man should be in charge, wearing his knight in shining armor uniform, roaming the countryside looking for enemies to maim.

Should be there at the bottom, do you see it? Long line-ups, delays on the road due to construction, and lengthy wait times at restaurants tend to annoy them.

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