Vampire diaries are they dating THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Relationship Updates: Who’s Together, Who’s Flirting, Who’s About to Break Up?

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If that's the case, then as soon as she gets cured, she won't love him anymore. But the pastor was too far gone.

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In Smells Like Teen SpiritElena has started training with Alaric so she can protect herself against Stefan should he try and attack her again. It was all a part of his revenge plan that Enzo told him to focus on back in the 50s. After dealing with Klaus Damon quickly goes to Elena's hospital room and gently carries her back to the boarding house.

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Later they went back in. Elena will stop at nothing to reach her goal, and seems to no longer care for those that she once considered her friends.

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After trying to deprogram her brother, Elena told Damon how strange it was that the last time she'd been there, she was so in love with Stefan, and now that's barely a memory. Not only that but another source seemed to confirm the vampire diaries are they dating. There's also a little bit of talk about expanding the family sometime in the future. Elena dating your second cousin once removed Damon take a road trip to Chicago to convince Stefan to come home again, when he says to Elena he no longer cares for her or loves her anymore making her become heartbroken.

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And that didn't change. Later at the crypt, Elena chugs another potion of her herbs and when Damon shows up she tells him he's not even real, just her subconscious tricking her.

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He hugged her while she was begging Bonnie to stop. Elena went in the kitchen and took a bottle of gas and started pouring it around the house.

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Damon, hurt and angered by this, bitterly told her that she and Katherine had a lot more in common than their physical appearances before leaving her alone on the porch. She only teams up with Rebekah because they have the same goal and because Rebekah will protect her from Damon and Stefan.

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Damon is spending his time drinking while Elena doesn't want to get out of her bed. Elena says things may be different if she had met him before Stefan. Elena calls Damon in a vampire diaries are they dating, she can't tell what's real anymore. She asks him what he would have done if he was in Stefan's position and he tells the truth only Damon would tell: They have always been super supportive of one another and let's face it their nice words about each other makes us miss when these two were an item.

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He knew roughly where the anchor was. Going into the season finaleDamon and Elena hear of Stefan's death and are devastated by it. He leaves angry once again, speaking briefly to Elijah in the sitting room.

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Elena reflects, over a glass of whiskey, about how she probably sucks at being a vampire, and how everyone wants to fix her and change her back into who she used to be. He would give up his vampire status to marry Elena and be the father or their children.

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But Bonnie admits to her that it's to late to save Damon. The pair reveal that they invited their guests to what they thought would be a housewarming party. However they end up sleeping together.