World of tanks better matchmaking mod new matchmaking is the worst part of update

World of tanks better matchmaking mod

Hypersuper 8 Posted 02 March - Stock guns are a challenge sometimes.

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The matches would be more even, but you would be punished for having a better rating as the other team will be 'buffed' to compensate. MountainLion1 19 Posted Apr 21 - As I have stated in my previous answer 2 players with the same skill rating dont necessarily play the same way.

But there is a simple fix.

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I understand what you mean, but stock tank dissatisfaction is one of the reasons players decide to spend money on an otherwise free game. The Chaffee is a scout tank not just a light tank.

I defend the current system because its my personal opinion that its fine as it is and with such a change it would be further floored, it is not perfect no and it can be very frustrating but it is certainly entertaining!

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We won but the game was unfair as hell. Hypersuper 1 Posted 02 March - If people think world of tanks better matchmaking mod is a problem because half of the team speaks Polish why not learn Polish then? What needs to be done is same tier matchmaking.

world of tanks better matchmaking mod

I had 60k free xp and went straight into a fully upgraded VK45B. The last one I've seen a few times where I will be sitting behind cover far away from other tanks then next thing you know I get messages like my track is hit, we're damaged, and crap. UberSwe 19 Posted 12 June - It the players will discover rating battles, new branch french destroyers, rebalanced …wake up.

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Too many options already listed to repeat. But as far as stock tanks go I would suggest using free XP to upgrade the tank and then grind to the next tank, that's what I do when I cant stand using the stock tanks.

The people involved want to get paid.

How do we fix this?

But first a little of story mine: WG ain't getting another penny of me till its sorted and I've spend alot on this game. I can't really say.

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If your best gun available was difficult to penetrate Tier IX tanks, then I'd agree with lowering your matchmaking Tier you encounter. Markd73 8 Posted Apr 21 - Hypersuper, on 02 March - Sign In Email address: This was lakeville and all their Type 4's went valley, wrecked our team there and were pushing the flag.

I know there are days when I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn from the inside and days that I just can't seem to be on a winning team, BUT, there are also days when I couldn't miss a shot if I tried and end up getting at least most of my 70 tanks through the 2x first win

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