Wot pz 38 na matchmaking Pz 38 nA is awful

Wot pz 38 na matchmaking

I want to rip my eyeballs out sometimes watching them. Its fully upgraded cannon is surprisingly powerful and is even able to damage a tier VII tank in certain situations.

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Better RoF, better aim time, marginally less damage and pent but overall better handling. There are those that really enjoy the tier 4 lights for the different gameplay and very underdog type of scouting, but the majority wants to get rid of the things because they sit at those weird spots in the tech tree. I wasn't always effective, but it did show me how difficult it is to be a good scout.

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Are you looking for the VK. Cranequinier, on 11 June - In my opinion the scout match making was a companion to the role of SPG's in the game and made them valuable.

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The scout match making can be very frustrating on some maps in particular. Also, it's not that the nA is bad.

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If you unfollow this topic you will no longer receive any notifications. I was going off the wiki which had them at 92 and respectively.

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Pz 1c, Luchs then Leopard, and they are very good scouts. Terrible armor and terrible gun, even maxed.

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I suggest you might want to avoid the T21 or the M24 Chaffee as they will both land you in a world of high tier pain as well, but I like the challenge. In a recent battle I stumbled into a Lowe at less than metres and couldn't escape without exposing myself: Guess i'm just gonna have to stick it out like others before me.

Pz 38 nA is awful Started by tpcshadowNov 07 Same for Leopard didn't have that age range dating gun when it was tier 4, it was horrid.

Not to mention it is lighter. Edited by Kronosmild7, Sep 22 - Ohaithar 6 Posted 13 May - I hate the idiot developer or producer who came out with this idiotic idea for the Pz 38 tna matchmaking, and I wish I could meet them to give them an idea of what it feels like You enjoy the adrenalin of spotting heavy tanks that can one-shot you to death and against which you can do very very little?

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You can't do much about the tank's basic modules, so you have to try your best with extra equipment and crew skills. It also has wot pz 38 na matchmaking armor and a weak gun for its tier, and is mediocre all around.

LkASr 17 Posted 07 November - Did not enjoy the nA. ThomChen 14 Posted 12 June - And here we have the problem.

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After 2 battles I've decided to free xp it completely.