Yoga speed dating Two Hours of Touching Strange Men at Tantra Speed Dating

Yoga speed dating

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I felt distinctly unrelaxed. Emotionally, I'm not yet ready for a full-on flirtation, the kind that might actually lead somewhere. Before I've had time to fully recover from the experience, I'm getting a massage from a kind man with glasses who tells me that he likes my aura. So instead, I head home for a shower. One man and I had to place our yoga speed dating hands on each others hearts, and he graciously did his best to avoid touching my boob.

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The pose is simple but intimate, and requires us to focus intensely on each other to stay balanced. We stand facing each other, close enough to touch, and, at her instruction she demos each pose with her boyfriend, Martinget down to business, placing our right leg on each other's left hip and cradling the other's raised leg in our left hand.

Others welcome a little noise, encouraging small talk before you head into the poses. However, attendees report a better success rate for follow up dates than traditional speed dating sessions.

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I prefer to look my best or, at the very least, not gross when meeting eligible men. You can link your Facebook account to your existing account.

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With my final suitor, I sat on the ground yet again and was told to lean into him with my head on his lap or chest and just let him embrace me. This November I Want. The men range from mids to late 40s, and nearly all upend my stereotypes about yoga guys: Many include a follow up activity—you can join the other participants for a glass of wine or coconut water to discover if your first impressions were accurate.

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I drop my mat and run to the yoga speed dating, returning to find myself situated between two rather short men. You are now a registered user of NYMag. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

So as the guy on my right talks my ear off, I scope out the other, taller prospects in the room. Buying Guides Adventure Travel.

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And some of the men were appealing enough that I could lose my better judgment after a couple of beers. By now, I'm completely relaxed and enjoying each new interaction.

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I try to maintain a friendly expression, but my partner avoids eye contact, his features scrunched into a look of grim determination. My first few matches were with men whose eyes I gazed into for prolonged periods of time, or whose hands I held while still staring into their eyes. After 90 minutes of climbing all over each other, we end by lying quietly on our backs in savasana, close enough to each other to touch hands and feet.

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40 dating mistakes Now Pronounce Thee… Yoga speed dating is relatively new: Approach yoga speed dating as you would any new yoga class: