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Yulhan dating

Pls, I hope yulhan is really dating.

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I didn't dating know that Yuri and Luhan had a "thing" o. Can you become the adult fans?

I think theyre real too. We all love Yuri, and we all loved Luhan. They're such a cute couple!

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I can't wait any longer. Omg I know Yulhan I hope they reveal it soon then we can protect yul from bashers because a lot of people are mostly going to hang up on her.

I saw a lot of rumors in twitter haha. I know if you love Luhan, but you might not have him, let him be happy with his choice.

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I think they are dating and I wish them the best luck. Some fans aren't matured enough and now they're even starting to bash taeyeon because of baekhyun but no matter what I love yulhan and baekyeon.

Comments You must be logged in to comment. If they are really dating, I do not think they will ever publish it because the fans opposed their relationship. I'm frustrating thinking about this! I've been shipping yulhan since their dating rumors started.

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I think Sm is soon gonna comfirm the datings IF its true. Let's pray for the best for them. But some of them said that it wasn't Yuri in the picture.

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Fans should give them space for them to live their own life but now things are getting more worse that they start to bash on them. Which is pretty true, in Beatles code. The craze is huge now. Hahah, they said that Luhan won't want to reveal his girlfriend. I got this theory in twitter.

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OMG, I agree to you too. Luhan always staring Yuri when they were together.

It would be either, Yuri, Hyorin or lee Hyori. We'll just have to wait and don't assume too much.

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A netizen bulgarian matchmaking that she often sees Yuri and Luhan together! Oh and the last picture, i check it already, it's really not our Yul. It turned out to be you haha.

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Some people said if YulHan often seen out together in the middle of the night. Because the yoona seunggi, tiffany nichkhun, and now taeyeon and baekhyun. And something that all of us is sure that, is that Luhan has a girlfriend. Their accessories are also very similar.